Below are the rules for the Idaho Lottery Scratch for Schools events.

Jim Bruce Scratch for Schools is a fundraising event that is fun and could reap big benefits for your school! The Jim Bruce Scratch for Schools event is a chance to raise additional funds for your school’s needs – books, desks, audio/video equipment, playground materials and field trips. This is a great and easy opportunity to win money for your school.

Since Scratch for Schools began in 2001, Idaho Lottery has given$1,131,923 additional dollars to Idaho Public Schools and the Permanent Building Fund.

Three people (adults, age 18+, no students) per team. Two team members may scratch tickets at the same time.

Each team will receive 300 tickets.

Idaho Lottery scratchers will be provided to each team member. The scratchers provided by the Lottery are the only tools allowed to scratch the tickets. Putty knives, credit cards, and coins are not acceptable. Paint scrapers, knives, steel wool, and razor blades are also not acceptable.

Each team will have five (5) minutes to scratch as many tickets as possible.

Additional prizes will be awarded based on the total number of tickets scratched. The total dollar amount uncovered by the team will be donated to the team's school. Ceremonial checks will be presented to all teams. Actual checks will be sent directly to each school shortly after the event.